Iím feeling a bit sad today. Yesterday was my last proper full day in Morocco.


Today is just a day of travel back to life, back to reality.


This time we are woken up by the sound of the call to prayer. Mainly because our room is on the opposite side of the hotel from when we first stayed here and I swear that the mosqueís speakers are directed straight at our room!


Itís really annoying that although Morocco is less than three hours flight time from the UK that here we are heading off at half seven in the morning to catch a connecting flight to Casablanca and that we wonít make the UK until early evening.


Weirdly, today, once we have started to head back I just canít wait to get home. The travelling bits in between origin and destination points are just plain boring for me. My brain just disengages and then switches back on when Iím walking in through my front door.


Right now, Iím switched off. I suppose that I donít want the week to end but, of course, it has to. I feel ever so slightly broken, a bit frayed at the edges.


It has been a great holiday though, tiny bus and being left behind twice by the guide aside. The group had some cool people and though I donít feel that I spoke to everyone in the group as much as, perhaps, I would have liked to, the group was a contributing factor in making the holiday a good one.


Ma'al sal‚ma & shukran - Goodbye & thank-you (everyone)