Draa Valley
Close Up
Mohammed, our guide
Sheila's new best friend
Getting Ready
Can we go now?
Really comfortable!
Sand snakes
Hazy sun
Going down!

Around the campfire


Go Sarah!
Strictly Ballroom
Can I go now?
Not me, mate!
Caught in the act!
One man and his dog
Shadows in the sand
Warming up the engines
View from my tent
Camel Train
Jedi Master
Only me
Top of Ait Benhaddou
Down below
View from the bottom
Alpine resort rest stop
Happy families
Gathering water
Working women
Snug as a bug in a rug
Mountain climb view
All creatures great and small
The main mosque
Mustapha - This wide!
Marrakechi alleys
Men at work
More bread, anyone?
The local chemist
Essaouira sunset 1
Essaouira sunset 2
Jedi's are everywhere!
Bebe Photo?
Rider 2
Where's the fish?
The port
Through the porthole
Essaouira town
The coast
Not so tiny
Acrobats in Marrakech
A boxing match!
Lizard men approach
The palmery
Who's that?!
In the carpet shop
Our infamous bus!
One step at a time
Donkey trail
Let's shake on it
Who nicked my clothes line?
Marrakechi Souk